From:Wilhelm Becker
Date:2007-08-09 13:04:30
SubjectMy best wishes for the reopening
Wonderful, the site is back, the guestbook reopened. I missed both all the time. I love restarts, I mean those you try and retry, always a bit changed through gained experience. I hope the big news spread and almost all the old entries crop up again. Some people seemed embarrassed about the unconventional way Sharone played the borderlines between the private and the public. What about her very good right as an artist to work with private stuff, collected so to say undercover, in public display?But I am sure many many people appreciate her work. Ich behaupte, unsere Geschichte zwingt uns, dass es nichts Privates mehr gibt, das nicht oeffentlich werden duerfte (Due to our history there is nothing so-called private, that might not become published). All our feelings about someone going public like Sharone, whether we feel attracted or annoyed, are understreamed by that what happened. To consider this again and again is essential to our all future. I feel very thankful about Speaking Germany and the luck I had to become a tiny bit involved.
Date:2007-08-08 18:18:58
SubjectSite reopens
We are trying to recreate the guestbook, please help!

If you are one of the many who have left an entry, please enter it again. If you were a regular, or just went through the entries at one point, or if you saved some, please write!

So what happened? One day, after enquiring about a different package from my ISP, and being reassured that there was no major difference, I decided to change it to something more modest. Bad idea.

The outcome was that the whole of the database of this website was deleted. It took a few hours before I realized and by the time their technical department answered me, it was too late, it was simply gone - the images I had backed up and all the text and other elements prepared in advance. As for the news, I had some backed up entries and the rest I was able the reconstruct.

So it was only the guestbook that is simply lost, I had no backup of it and neither did Radovan the site programmer. He simply never imagined that I would change the package without first asking him…

In a way, the whole project was from its inception moving towards the guest book. A series of opening moves and responses with the concluding one being the guest book. And that is now mostly lost. Well, things have their way, we all make mistakes, even stupid ones like this.

As soon as the site opened on March 6th, the guestbook confronted me in a way I never anticipated. First, it was mostly written in German and mine is less than perfect, and second, I never thought of it in advance, but I was entirely exposed, put on the spot, I had no clue what to say, whatever I tried to write was somehow not working.

I spent hours composing answers to Rolf my fiercest critic (you can find a couple of his entries that were saved. Not that it was all bad; for the most part it generated very positive responses. Some showed that the text in the city worked in a way similar to the way I had imagined, some were simply inspiring and generous. slowly, it grow and became more and more interesting, like a reflection of what was happening at the same time in the city.

Herr Becker reoffered a few days ago his two entries saying: "I saved three of your guestbook pages, the third one contains that great entry of Bernadette. You could have all the neighbour entries as well, but I think, the art is to let the people themselves do it. I hope, Rolf would bring in his very mysterious ones... "

So if you are Rolf, or any of the many others who have left an entry, please enter it again.

Many thanks

From:Marianne und Hans-Georg Badelt
Date:2007-08-08 17:31:51
Subjectguestbook to the project "speaking germany"
We enjoy this project "speaking germany" very much. Why? One of the best things is the idea, and it was worked out in a funny and witty manner. What was the purpose? The purpose was the dialog, the discussion. And this is also the intention of the Jewish Musuem at Munich, where the installation is found on the glass walls. We hope it remains there for long time for to make contact and discussion easier. We saw people stop in front of that walls and look at it: What's that? It may go on.
An other thing is how to deal with the interviews. We think in this point of view artists are free!! We talk about "künstlerische Freiheit". Our respect to this costly prepare the project and the installation.
Date:2007-08-08 09:52:38
SubjectSome saved text fragments
below are some of the saved entries forwarded by W. Becker.
Date:2007-04-07 06:21:18
Subjectwarum so feig?
“Wer auch immer meinen Text zensiert hat:
Warum so feige?
Was wäre so schlimm dran, ehrlich zu sein?
Das wäre dann nicht ein "Geschenk an Deutschland", sondern ein Geschenk an sich selbst, ehrlich sein zu können.
Die Künstlerin wird noch viel lernen im Leben,
hoffentlich wird sie nicht noch viele andere Menschen dabei beschädigen.”

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