From:Andreas Boschitz
Date:2007-03-23 05:50:49
SubjectNice Webpage
Message: 91

Hi Sharon, keep workng! You've got an amazing webpage going! Good luck! I'll book mark it.......
now! Done
Greetings from Vancouver, Canada
From:Wilhelm Becker
Date:2007-03-22 12:04:44
SubjectA dream for today
Dear all, today is an opening on in Munich, the right moment to tell you my dream: Sharone's projekt should be seen as a start. Like starters her conversation fragments should make appetite for more talks, but there will never be the full meal, the longed-for satisfaction. There could be a lifestyle living on starters only, on appetizing little things prepared with care and love for the details. Most of all this lifestyle knows times to forego the sweets, the desserts, the final fulfillments before heavy sleep. They are better not hoped for and not expected at all. So there should possibly be a speaking-germany-in-progress whatever that means, an open project not made by few but by all inviting themselves. Is it a jewish or a german or a jewish-german dream? It is a dream.
Wilhelm Becker
Date:2007-03-21 11:06:56
Liebe Sharon, ich habe ein paar Aufnahmen gemacht von ihrer schöen Aktion, die mich sehr anspricht. Sie sind alle am 20.03.07 im Hauptbahnhofuntergeschoß entstanden. Grüße von Andrea
Date:2007-03-20 18:10:29
Hallo Julia, hallo W.D.

danke für Eure Beiträge, mir war das mit den "Anführungszeichen" so noch nicht bekannt. Wozu doch so ein Forum gut ist ;-)

Julia: ja, ich lebe in München, nein ich war nicht am Museum. Ich achte auch nicht mehr auf den Inhalt jedes Plakates, zwei bis drei haben genügt, um mich auf diese Internetseite aufmerksam zu machen. Sharone hat für mich das erreicht was Sie wollte ....., dass Leute miteinander kommunizieren .... speaking Germany.

Viele Grüsse

Date:2007-03-20 08:13:16
Thank you all for your patience… We have been unable to update this site as often as we would have likes to, but we will be posting new photos in the next couple of days.
As with regards to the full text from all posters, museum walls etc, it is at the moment outside the scoop if this internet site, but I would try and upload some fragments in to the Guest book soon, to give an Idea...

It is snowing today in Munich and I wish you all a good day.

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Mit Dank

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with thanks