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"Actually, we like Americans very much", Strange poster seen at Fraunhofer U-Bahn station:

it starts something like that:

A poster as seen pinned up at Fraunhofer U-Bahn station:

"dear s,

just read your ad in the süddeutsche zeitung - actually I wonder why you are asking for conversation. are we germans so unpolite not to talk to strangers?

actually, we like americans very much - and we love to talk english (i suppose you come from the states). especially my generation (I am 39 years young) tends to talk english as much as possible... well, you will see, we're much more openminded than it is said in the world ... :-)) are you in germany already? were you wanna go? how long you stay? - quite particular questions, arent't they? ;-)) well it would be lovely to get to get answer from you.

take care

Has anyone got a clue what this is about? Any of the hardcore Süddeutsche readers here?

Mar 5 2007, 12:19 pm
It's a marketing campaign to drive people towards their Anzeigenmarkt (classifieds). I like the one about the guy looking for a gal he met once (thought Grinner had paid for it at first ha ha ha). Not sure if the typeface differs between the ads but the main thing is that they all mention the Süddeutsche-Anzeigenmarkt in some form and sound like letters/emails sent to the SZ/advertisers about small ads.

Very cute how that ad in English includes many common mistakes Germans would make in written English, quite endearing really.

Will let the marketing experts do the analysis though.
Jules Winnfield

Mar 5 2007, 12:24 pm
I wonder why the part about liking Americans has been enlarged? Maybe because anti-Americanism is so rampant that highlighting something like that is bound to attract attention...

Mar 5 2007, 12:29 pm
The SZ marketing department is in high gear right now. They've bought space on the U-Bahn TVs but not normal ads. Instead, when a train comes in and the screen switches to the "Achtung! Zu kommt", an SZ ad which looks like a Windows pop-up message appears. I think this one's pretty stupid since most people associate such pop-ups negatively since they're such an annoyance...

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