23 Jul 2008
New website of Sharone Lifschitz now open.

25 Apr 2008
Ein Denk
Mal setzen

Sharone Lifschitz and architect Annika Grafweg will be making a workshop in Munich on the 3rd and 4th of May. The workshop will explore the implications of placing a memorial into the city fabric.
On Sunday the 4th, we will take a walk through the city, and place our 'Ready made monument' at several locations. If you would like to participate, join us for the walk, or just want more information, please contact us here

18 Sep 2007
The Finissage has now been delayed till spring 2008.
This is in order to coincide with the publication of a catalogue for Speaking-Germany. More details to come.

8 Aug 2007
Doris Dürrie will be in conversation with Sharone Lifschitz on the evening of the 2nd of October at the JMM, more details to come.

6 Aug 2007
Dear visitor,
Sorry for any inconvenience the closure of this site might have caused. It is due to a human error and the shape of modern communication that much of the database for this Internet site was wiped out. We now reloaded all the information, but many entries in the guest book, has been lost. If you or someone you know have placed an entry before, and you have it saved, please enter it again. If you remember something about it, please leave a new entry.

18 Mar 2007 14:02:36
Facade: View of the north west corner with the main entrance door. Photo: W. Petzi