11 May 2007
The end of the meal.
The full four courses have now been consumed, the meal is over. The façade of the JMM will still carry the text for the foreseeable future. The project is now officially completed.

5 May 2007
“Thank you thank you and Aufwiedersehen”
We have managed to find the very last poster, the one that say “Thank you thank you and Aufwiedersehen” just before we had to leave. You can find it in Huhenzollern Platz and on 110 Kulturesäulen all over the city until Friday May 11th.

4 May 2007
One last drink served
The posters for One last drink are now up. By chance we cought up with the guy who glues them and you can see some images here.
So far though we found only three of the 4 designs, but we will try again tomorrow.

1 May 2007
One last drink mixed
Due to a mix up somewhere along the line, the posters that appeared last Friday were from Hauptgericht and not from One last drink.we found some we haven’t spotted before and we are reassured that the right ones will appear this Friday (May 4th).

20 Apr 2007
One last drink to come.
The last posters making “One last drink will appear (if all goes well) on the 27th of this month (next Friday).

Esch\Alzette Luxembourg >>

Hohenzollern Platz One last drink: A1 Posters 1/4. >>

Bahnhof platz >>

Theatinerstr. corner of Perusastr. Photo: S. Lifs... >>

Baslerstr. A0 poster 1/6. >>

GanzsŠulen: 2/5, Ludwigstr., view from the 1st floor... >>

Facade: View of the north west corner with the main ... >>

28 Tegernseer Landstra§e Photo: A. Hunsaker >>

Platform 19. FG 2/16. >>

U6. >>

Maximiliansplatz 20. Photo: W. Petzi >>

39 Schmellerstra§e. Photo: W. Petzi >>