30 Dec 2006—15 Feb 2007

Some initial questions and assumptions. Visible in the city: December ’06–January ’07 (tram until late April ’07). Advertising mediums: Tram, Deckenflächen (Overhead ads in U-Bahn). Munich Locations: U-Bahn, citywide.

19 Feb 2007—5 Mar 2007

(Starters): About the way we introduce ourselves to someone we have never met before. Visible in the city: February ’07. Advertising mediums: A1 and A0 Posters. Munich locations: Schwabing, City centre and U-Bahn stations.

6 Mar 2007—22 Apr 2007

(Main Course): Conversations about nothing in particular and related topics. Visible in the city: March–April ’07. Mediums: A1 and A0 Posters, Overhead ads in U-Bahn (Deckenflächen), 3 Brückenbanner (Bridge banners over highways), Ganzsäulen (advertising towers), Großfläche (Billboards), the Jewish museum (installation can be seen until spring 2008) Locations: all over Munich and in particular at: Odeon Platz, Munich train station, the Jewish museum’s external glass walls and the neighbourhood around the Museum (see map).

4 May 2007—11 Jun 2007

Goodbyes, afterthoughts and a few things that were almost left unsaid. Visible in the city: May ’07. Mediums: 4 x A1 posters.